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Karcher Compatible Snow Foam Lance Attachment

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  • This lance has been designed to work with snow foam from all brands, so you're not restricted by which brand of snow foam you use, you'll get the ultimate clean regardless of the brand!
  • The lance will ensure that you get an ultra thick foam each and every time thanks to the clog free brass head which is designed to withstand hard water residue and can handle snow foam or soap with ease. Some cheaper snow foam lances are made entirely of plastic and can get clogged up easily and will eventually produce thin and watery foam
  • How to use - The snow foam lance has a directional nozzle and a snow foam liquid flow rate adjustment dial. Set the lance up to your desired adjustments, and you will achieve phenomenal results!
  • Normal flow rate of water through your Karcher pressure washer using the vertical direction on the nozzle combined with the liquid flow rate adjuster turned to the maximum level will give you the best results.  The thickness of the foam will depend on your mix. For best results, we recommend using a 50:50 ratio but feel free to choose the ratio works best for you

Compatible with ALL Karcher K-Series pressure washers:
• K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, and K7
• Max pressure of 2320 PSI - 160 Bar Maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius
• 1 Litre bottle capacity and adjustable chemical dial
• Adjustable spray nozzle varies from a wide spray to a thin pencil jet spray
• Solid Brass manifold construction with a strong plastic nozzle for durability and longevity
• Includes collapsible filling funnel which means you get the snow foam in the bottle resulting in less wastage

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