Goodyear 5L Snow Foam Pre-Wash Shampoo Genuine premium made in the UK - pH neutral 100% safe for all car paints cherry scented fragrance waxing wax washs washing washes washed WASHABLE wash Soap snowy Snowing Shampoo's scented Scent pH Neutral Litre Kits kit Good Foaming carwashes carwash cars caravans caravan car wash car park

Goodyear 5L Snow Foam Pre-Wash Shampoo

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  • Genuine premium Goodyear Snow Foam Pre-Wash Shampoo proudly made in the UK - pH neutral 100% safe for all car paints 
  • Large 5L bottle will wash (on average) 35-45 cars depending on your car size and using the recommended 1:5 ratio of snow foam:water
  • Cherry scented fragrance 
  • Thick snow foam clings and helps loosen road grime on lightly soiled cars before pressure rinsing and car washing 
  • Engineered to be completely wax safe
  • Formulated in the UK to be safely used on any vehicle that has wax, sealant, coating protection such as ceramic
  • Mix the snow foam with warm water, pour into the snow foam lance bottle, attach to your pressure washer and spray
  • Lubricates surfaces on dirtier vehicles to help prevent scratching to the car 
  • Snow foam covers the vehicle in a rich blanket of foam that clings to paintwork to gently loosen dirt and heavy soiling
  • Using snow foam as a pre-wash reduces the risk of scratches and swirls as it gently loosens dirt which is then rinsed off prior to shampooing
  • The foam thickness depends on the ratio of snow foam to water you use, the more concentrated the solution, the thicker the foam will be

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