Dekton 3-in-1 Electric Weed Burner 2000w multi-purpose HEAT GUN Remove paint & varnish BARBECUE LIGHTER - driveways, patios, paths Weed wands wand torches torch no Killers Killer in hotter hot gift gases gas gardens gardening gardener garden parties electrical electric burns burning burners Burner burn blaster air 650°c

Dekton 3-in-1 Electric Weed Burner

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  • 2000w electric multi-purpose 3-in-1 burner.
  • WEED BURNER - Burns weeds
  • HEAT GUN - Remove paint & varnish
  • BARBECUE LIGHTER - Ignite barbecues
  • 5 attachments included
  • Use on driveways, patios, paths and many other surfaces
  • Ideal for controlling weeds without the need to use chemicals
  • Delivers a thermal shock to the weed (up to 650°C)
  • Destroys the plant cells and the weed in just a few seconds
  • Protective shield for precise and targeted treatment
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